<h2>Claudia M. Dixon</h2> <h4>Founder and Senior Accountant</h4> Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Claudia Dixon. I am the Founder and Senior Accountant at J. Beck Accounting and Consulting. My team specializes in accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation for individuals, families, and businesses. Very much like you, we love what we do and we happen to be very good at it. We are big enough to have the team, talent, and technology to help your business and your family to grow. We are small enough to provide you with the relationships and personalized service that you demand and deserve. Accounting,

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  • Lynn Joseph
    Trenchtown Rock Restaurant

    As a small business owner I'm always looking for growth opportunities. I found what my business needed in Ms. Dixon . We met two years ago while she was on vacation in the Virgin Islands . She was on vacation and still in business mode. Her personality, professionalism, and expertise was

  • Merian Carter
    Helping Hands Consultation

    “Healthcare is a highly regulated industry. Having Claudia and her team at J. Beck to handle my accounting and payroll needs gives me both peace of mind and more time to grow my business. They have also helped me to better manage my personal finances and tax filings.”

  • Claude Louis
    Dot Calm

    “Hiring J.Beck to handle my accounting is one of the smartest business decisions I’ve made.Their expertise and attention to detail has helped my business to grow significantly.They also do a great job with my individual tax returns.”

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